Food For A Healthy Smile


At Warnbro Sound Dentalwe believe that a healthy diet and good eating habits are essential to keeping your children’s teeth bright and healthy. We also believe that these are more likely to be retained if you start them with your kids from an early age. We have included some of our recommendations below,

• As much as possible, keep snacks to a minimum and preferably sugar free. This is because it takes the mouth around 40 minutes to get its natural buffer against plaque after a hit of sugar. Therefore, if your mouth is constantly being exposed to sugary snack this natural buffer is virtually never there. This may result in tooth decay or enamel erosion.
• Snacks such as dried fruit and trail mix, although appears healthy, is loaded with salt and sugar and is not the best option for teeth.
• If you children are eating sugary treats, it’s better for the mouth to eat them all at once and then have a glass of water as opposed to consuming them over hours. This way your mouth’s natural buffer has ample time to rebuild.
• Choose water over soft drinks and juices.