Kids Zone

Welcome to our designated Kids’ Zone! This is a special section of our website dedicated to parents and children where we can provide tips for children of all ages. Parents are often bombarded with information relating to various areas of bringing up their children and often, dental information can be lost. Learn more about the best practices for your children below.

Kids First Visit Experience

The importance of good dental care for children

Good dental care doesn’t start from the moment you sprout your first tooth, it begins as early as when you are a newborn.

Parents should use a wet, soft cloth to wipe their baby’s gums daily, in what is the beginning of good oral hygiene habits.

It is essential that you provide your children with the best dental care possible, encouraging the brushing and flossing of teeth day and night, limiting sugary drinks and snacks, and keeping regular dental appointments.

Lack of dental routine can contribute to a number of issues including tooth decay, tooth formation problems and malocclusion (bad bite).

Untreated, tooth decay may lead to difficulties with speaking and eating, and can also put your child through a painful experience with infection.

Making sure to care for your child’s vulnerable milk teeth, gives the permanent teeth the best chance of forming strong and straight.

You can talk to our dentists about which fluoride toothpastes to use, as well as using dental sealants to protect your little ones’ teeth from decay.

Starting a routine of regular brushing and flossing, dental appointments and mindful drinking and eating will help to set up healthy mouth habits for your children to carry on through to adulthood.

No Gap Dental Check-Up

At Warnbro Sound Dental Centre we understand the dilemma when it comes to maintaining your children’s smile through regular hygiene appointments weighed against the costs of this treatment.

We believe children’s dental health is of paramount importance so it is for this reason that if you children see our dental health professionals for their regular hygiene check-up there is NO GAP to pay for patients with HBF Essentials Private Health Insurance.

For further information or to arrange an appointment, please contact us