Periodontal (GUM) Diseas

Periodontal ‘gum’ disease is serious in nature. It is the main reason for tooth loss and is estimated to effect three in every four adults over 35 years of age. The early detection and treatment of the disease is a cornerstone of care provided at Warnbro Sound Dental Care, as it’s easy, affordable and successful to treat periodontitis in its early stages.

What is periodontal disease and do I have it?

Periodontal disease is the inflammation and degeneration of gum and bone structures supporting your teeth. It starts when bacteria in built-up dental plaque around and in between teeth produce toxins that irritate gums; known as gingivitis. Major symptoms are bleeding, inflamed and/or sensitive gums, combined with frequent bad breath. If left untreated, this bacterial infection causes gums to breakdown.

Periodontal disease is quite painful in its advanced stages, as receding gum lines are susceptible to decay and patients experience varying degrees of bone loss. Eventually infected teeth become so loose they fall out because they have no supporting structure left.

Schedule a consultation with our team if you are experiencing any gum pain, bleeding when brushing or temperature sensitivity; symptoms which could indicate you are experiencing gingivitis or periodontal disease.


Remember the good news is, periodontal disease is preventable and damage may be reversed if treated early and an at-home dental regime is followed daily.

Contact our friendly Warnbro Sound Dental Care team to organise a consultation if you have any concerns about your gums.