Primary School Age Children


Dental Floss
Dental floss is never a child’s best friend, however at this stage with the development of all the adults teeth flossing becomes an integral part of any oral hygiene routine. At Warnbro Sound Dentalwe recommend that children should be introduced to flossing at around 8 to 10 years. Your dentist or hygienist will demonstrate the correct technique for flossing.

Sealants and tooth protection
When a child’s permanent teeth first erupt the natural grooves formed in them make the teeth vulnerable to tooth decay, particularly the molars which receive often least amount of attention in brushing and flossing. A dental sealant sticks to the teeth to prevent food and bacterial collecting in the grooves to prevent decay. Sealants will typically last a few months, however the frequency at which they are required varies from case to case.

One of the most common questions with children’s teeth is; “when is orthodontic treatment best?” The American Association of Orthodontists’ recommends an orthodontic screening for children at around the age of 7 to detect and assess any potential orthodontic issues. By the time your child is age 7 their jaws will be developed enough so that an orthodontists or dentists will be able to assess if there are any bit or jaw alignment issues developing. Although treatment is often not necessary until around 12-14 years, at Warnbro Sound Dentalwe believe it is best to stay informed so that these potential issues can be monitored and treated at the optimum time. Furthermore, there are often steps that can be taken at home to help reduce the development of further orthodontic complications