Modern dental technologies, procedures and materials are utilised at Warnbro Sound Dental to ensure our patients experience only first-class dental care.

Read below to discover how advanced technology helps us to deliver comfortable, accurate and premium quality dental services in a swift fashion.

Low Dose Radiographs

Thanks to this latest improvement in dental diagnostic imaging, 90 per cent less radiation is emitted than with conventional X-rays. Digital radiography has provided our team with an invaluable diagnostic tool that can digitally transfer and enhance captured images. Zooming and the ability to enlarge, colourise and contrast problem areas improves diagnosis accuracy and the early detection of problems in the mouth, teeth and gums that are not clearly visible to the human eye. Some common examples include broken roots, decay hidden between teeth, cysts, abscesses, tumours and even locating teeth within the gum line that haven’t yet grown through. Immediate viewing is a major advantage, as is significantly reduced patient exposure to radiation and the ability to save the images to a compact disc for other health experts to access.