White Fillings

Modern fillings to naturally bond with your existing teeth

White fillings, also known as composite fillings, are a natural and durable solution for those with cavities. They are made from a combination of glass and enamel-coloured material that matches the surrounding teeth. They can be used to fill new cavities, restore discoloured or disfigured teeth or replace old amalgam (silver) fillings while restoring a tooth’s natural appearance.
They are suitable to fill both back and front teeth.

No more mercury fillings

Tooth coloured fillings are also a safer option to silver amalgam fillings as they are mercury-free and don’t contract and expand as silver amalgam fillings do which can cause the tooth to push apart and weaken the tooth structure. White fillings are a far stronger alternative as they bond with the tooth and hold it together.

Another benefit of white fillings over their black amalgam counterparts is that they sometimes can save more of the natural tooth through allowing a much smaller filling. They are also more practical and aesthetically pleasing thanks to their natural colour and long-lasting properties.


The lifespan of these fillings depends on their position, size and usage. For instance, smaller fillings bearing a lighter functional load will stay in excellent condition for longer.

The treatment begins with a thorough assessment of your teeth. The dentist then fills any cavities with the composite resin, hardening each layer with a specialised light and then shaping it to fit the tooth. The filling is then polished and the procedure usually completed within the hour.

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